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Stop Diabetes In HIV Study

Alastair Duncan from St Thomas’s has been funded by BHIVA to carry out a research project investigating perceived health care needs of people living with HIV and diabetes. Alastair is looking for participants over the age of 18 who are living with HIV and diabetes type 1 or type 2. The participant will be invited […]

ARVs and Diabetes

Research Initiative Treatment Action Volume 20, Number 1 – Spring 2015 This edition includes; Interview with Todd T. Brown, MD, PhD Diabetes risk, screening, and monitoring in people with HIV Articles by Mark Mascolini Making sense of diverse diabetes rate reports in HIV cohorts Standards of care and standards of screening for high glucose with […]

Diabetes and hepatitis C

NAM Publications HIV & AIDS Information :: Protease inhibitors and diabetes Diabetes and hepatitis C Many earlier studies have indicated that hepatitis C coinfection is a risk factor for diabetes,1 including one that found a fivefold higher risk of developing hyperglycaemia in co-infected compared to HIV-monoinfected persons.2 However, a large recent study of antiretroviral-naive patients […]

Protease inhibitors and diabetes

NAM Publications HIV & AIDS Information :: Diabetes Diabetes is considered a relatively rare side effect of protease inhibitors. One study reported 1.4% developed high blood glucose at one year. Another study reported a 4% rate of diabetes and an 8% rate of glucose intolerance. The French APROCO cohort found that 10% of patients developed […]

Treatment of type II diabetes

NAM Publications HIV & AIDS Information :: Diabetes In people receiving HAART, regular monitoring of glucose levels should take place, so that steps can be taken to reduce rising glucose levels before diabetes develops. However, type II diabetes may emerge very rapidly after beginning a new drug combination, and it is not unknown for individuals […]

Type II diabetes in HIV disease

NAM Publications HIV & AIDS Information :: Diabetes The development of type II diabetes has been reported in 2 to 10% of people on antiretroviral therapy (ART), with prevalence growing as time on therapy increases. In the general population, prevalence rates are around 6% and increasing each year. Type II diabetes is the form of […]

Treating insulin resistance and diabetes

NAM Publications HIV & AIDS Information :: Diabetes Insulin resistance is seen in ‘Syndrome X’ a metabolic disorder with similar symptoms to HAART-associated lipodystrophy that occurs in HIV-negative people. Syndrome X may be corrected in some cases by the restoration of insulin sensitivity, using an anti-diabetes drug called metformin. There is now evidence that metformin […]