Feel like you are on a roller coaster ride when it comes to living with HIV and diabetes type I or type II?
Or are you HIV and concerned about diabetes type II?
Do you feel isolated, stressed out, unsupported, confused and no one to talk too?
We provide a self help, peer support service for people living with HIV and Diabetes through our regular monthly meetings, see our calendar of events for the dates of our meetings.
We also support our peers by posting relevant information and research data about living with both HIV And Diabetes.


Roz Rosenblatt

London region manager at Diabetes UK, said:
“People with HIV can develop complications such as diabetes which may be related to HIV treatments. Diabetes and other metabolic abnormalities are now the main cause of ill-health and mortality due to HIV in the developed world.”

Allan Anderson

Positively UK Chief Executive:
“Positively UK is delighted to support the HIV Support group for people living with HIV and diabetes we hope to see the group grow in both strength and develop to support people across the UK who are living with both of these long term complex conditions."

Paul Decle

Co-ordinator of Forum Link said:
"As we live longer with HIV our lives are often compacted by having to live with several long-term conditions. It can never be understated how important it is to bring together positive people to support each other in the way H.A.D Support dose, we are united and empowered by our shared experience's."

George Rodgers

Founder of HIV And Diabetes Support said:
“As I have discovered, diabetes and HIV can be a difficult combination to live with. Diabetes and HIV both need careful management and I have had problems over the years - but I have also found that it is possible to be healthy and live well with both of these long-term conditions...

2 years ago

Forum Link

This is the truth. If everyone knew this we could bring an end to HIV stigma.

Today we’re launching our #CantPassItOn campaign to shout as loudly as possible that people who are living with HIV and on effective treatment can’t pass it on. Out of date beliefs about how HIV is passed on are fuelling stigma and discrimination – and stopping people from coming forward to get tested.

SHARE THIS POST and play your part in educating others, tackling stigma and helping to stop HIV transmission.

For more information, visit our website: tht.org.uk/cantpassiton

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