Diabetes and hepatitis C

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Many earlier studies have indicated that hepatitis C coinfection is a risk factor for diabetes,1 including one that found a fivefold higher risk of developing hyperglycaemia in co-infected compared to HIV-monoinfected persons.2

However, a large recent study of antiretroviral-naive patients found that the known risk factors of black race, older age, and higher body-mass index were associated with diabetes, but hepatitis C coinfection was not, except possibly among people of black race.3

2. Mehta S et al. The effect of HAART and HCV infection on the development of diabetes mellitus. Ninth Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, Seattle, abstract 679, 2002
3. Brar I et al. A comparison of factors associated with prevalent diabetes mellitus among HIV-infected antiretroviral-naive individuals versus individuals in the National Health and Nutritional

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