HIV & Diabetes Nurses Workshop Evaluation Form Feedback

H.A.D HIV and Diabetes Support
Evaluation Form
Wednesday 22nd November 2017
What I learnt from attending today’s workshop? Did you find attending todays’s session useful?
(Yes or No)
Do you think you can take anything away to use in your work?
(Yes or No)
Can you give an example? How would you rate the delivery of the workshop? (1= poor, 10= excellent) Can you give details of other training you think would be useful? Any other comments you would like to make?
1 To be able to help others. Yes Yes How the medical specialist feels towards the diabetes care 10 With Anxiety /Depression course. George great work.
2 What patient need in order to be care for diabetes. Yes Yes Creating a pathway of care 10 A training with Nurses, Doctors and Patients.
3 Importance of encouraging people to think of their pyhsical/mental heath holistically, encourage people to challenge healthcare staff if not listening to needs/complexities  of cases. Yes Yes Have more confidence to discuss diabetes awareness with HIV positive clients and more knowledge of where to refer onwards. 10 More training on knowing warning signs of diabetes Fantastic event made very moving by hearing George’s personal experience and what’s driven him to oranise this.  Also great to hear from other participants and their experiences.
4 I have learnt that there needs to be collaboration among heathcare professionals looking after patients with chronic diseases. Yes Yes I will introduce the Diadetes UK website for me and my colleagues to undertake the diabetes module. 10 HIV awareness training Very informative session.  Create more awareness for such sessions so more nurses can attend.
5 Web site Yes Yes Collaborative working and empowering patients. 8 Cardio Oncology Hepatitis It would have been good to have more diabetes nurses attending.
6 Professionals should work together for the good of our patients.  Also to listen to them as they tell us their problems. Yes Yes Introducing the websites to colleagues HIV and diabetes for more understanding and improving our knowledge. 10 HIV awareness training Very informative session.  To have more of these study days so thatmore nurses can attend.
7 That Diabetes can be induced by HIV medication and HIV medication can be affect both mental health and other systems, which need to be addressed. Yes Yes This importance of communication skills of healthcare professionals.  The inportance of checking medication interaction. 8 Diets
Medication e.g. ARV’s, statins
Was really eye-opening and interesting.
8 Lastest referral on HIV and Diabetes.  Diabetes condition. L.T. effects on mental welbeing/health. Yes Yes Be more insightful and aware of LT condition. 10 Explore other physical and neurological conditions. HIV.

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